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Dante Software Acquired by webMethods for $20 Million

a B2B Marketing Success Story

Dante Software, a Business Activity Monitoring software company, wanted to position the company for acquisition. Working with our strategic partner, the Copy Diva-Robin Seidner, FX one seven zero created a new identity, developed a completely new Website, and built a software simulation tool that could be used by the sales force to demonstrate the benefits of using Dante's Kenobi software.

Dante Software, a Colorado startup, had been developing their Business Activity Monitoring software for 2 years when they recognized the need to more clearly articulate the company's value proposition both to their prospective customers and as part of their goal to acquire new VC funding or position themselves for acquisition by the larger players in the BAM market space.

They contacted Robin Seidner, Copy Diva, for help with this strategic repositioning. Robin quickly identified Dante's critical needs:

  • a more strategically focused Website
  • a corresponding streamlined identity package
  • a flexible way to demonstrate Dante's software

As part of this repositioning plan, fx one seven zero created several Flash marketing presentations from scripts created by Robin geared to different market segments as well as a new Website and company and product logos. Each animated presentation told a business case story showing the benefits of Dante's real-time enterprise-wide monitoring. Later, a software simulation tool that could be customized for specific industry groups by Dante's sales force was developed based on these presentations. With this tool a salesperson can create a customer specific scenario that reflects the actual challenges and concomitant benefits that the softwre can produce.

These messaging and marketing communications improvements helped Dante establish an identity in the BAM market. After these developments, Dante was acquired by webMethods of Fairfax, Virginia for $20 Million in October, 2003.

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