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QRC - Market Research Reporter Project

QRC, the Qualitative Research Centre, Inc. conducts qualitative market research for leading consumer companies such as adidas, Apple, Nike, Travelocity and many others. QRC hired FX One Seven Zero to create an online surveying/social networking application that they could use in a number of ways to enhance their market research.

The final product, called "Reporter," is a multi-faceted, multilingual application built in a PHP framework with Flash elements and backed by a MySQL database. Depending on the project, QRC can use the Reporter application to identify and prepare potential participants for a focus group; involve focus group members in online activities; introduce group members to each other by sharing photos and comments to begin to develop rapport for future live discussions.

In fact, QRC has found the Reporter application very useful in preparing the ground for future live meetings with participants. By setting up social networks in advance, participants can get to know each other a bit before actually meeting each other. Also, through this process, QRC can gather information about participants based on online activities, allowing them to determine which ones are more articulate and more interested in the project. The social networking component includes image galleries so participants can upload photos so that others can view and comment on them.

Throughout and following a project, QRC staff can use the Reporter application to generate reports that can be easily converted into Adobe PDF documents for easy distribution to the client company.

FX One Seven Zero built the Reporter application to allow content to be editable by QRC staff, who can add assignments, activities, create new groups, add users, and add questionnaires. Because the Reporter application is used internationally, it also had to be robust in terms of browser and platform compatibility.

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