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If it's a full-screen video, or a high bandwidth presentation you need, we can help you output a polished product, complete with your company's branding, as well as custom indexing and menus.

Escape Bandwidth Limitations


We can help you present your vision on CD-ROM or DVD. If you want to distribute a full-screen video, CD-ROM or DVD is sometimes the most effective way to distribute complex product and service offerings without bandwidth limitations. CD-ROMs or DVDs are also great leave-behinds for your sales force that your prospects can turn to at their leisure. We can handle both your short run duplication, as well your large volume replication needs. For campaigns requiring more than 250 copies, replication is the way to go. With replication, there is more stability in the final product because disks are manufactured to more exacting specifications. However, if you need fewer than 250 copies, duplication may be the most cost-effective choice.

We offer complete CD-ROM and DVD services, which include:

  • Video encoding: Flash, Windows media, QuickTime or MPEG
  • CD/DVD cover/insert design
  • Duplication/Replication
  • DVD Mastering, indexing and menus
  • Corporate branding, inc. logo placement and intro screens
CD/DVD Samples
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