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Education whether in a classroom or a boardroom doesn't have to be boring. We know how to think interactively and can help you create e-learning modules that are effective, well thought out, and fun.

Inspire. Interact. Learn.


E-learning offers a unique opportunity to provide almost any audience with access to knowledge. E-learning is a powerful tool that can enrich lives, inspire students, and improve business processes if it is done right. Good e-learning is designed with an understanding of the people who will use it. It's engaging, it's relevant, it inspires, and it teaches. In addition to developing quality content and module infrastructures, when it comes to e-learning, presentation still matters! At FX One Seven Zero, we develop interactive e-learning modules that can make even the dullest of subjects fun to learn.

We develop e-learning modules using tools like Flash, ActionScript, and XML. Our e-learning development services include:

  • Courseware development and instructional design
  • Flash and video rich media production
  • Fully customizable Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compatibility
  • Consulting and Advice

For Commercial Applications

  • Sales Training
  • Customer Support
  • Compliance Training
  • Product Education

For Academic Applications

  • Self-Paced College Courses
  • Elementary School Education
  • Continuing Education
eLearning Samples
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