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An eye-catching marketing presentation may be just the right thing to capture your audience. A visual, like a Flash animation, can often convey a message better than words. Our talented team can help you pull out all the stops and keep the focus on the content of your message.

Creatively Engage Your Audience with Graphics, Animation, Sound, and Well-Crafted Content


Interactive marketing presentations can be a key component of your overall effort. When you need a Flash marketing presentation, or some animated banner ads for a new product launch, they must be eye-catching, intelligent, and informative. At FX One Seven Zero we know from experience that presentation matters when you want to get your message across. We can help you create marketing presentations that result is successful conversions of prospects to customers.

We can apply our expertise to help you create:

  • Flash presentations for trade shows
  • Product demos for your website
  • Digitization of existing videos for streaming or DVD
  • Corporate newsletters
  • Customer-catching websites
  • Animated banner ads
Maybe you don't know which presentation medium would best serve your purpose. We can help! Maybe a Flash animation is the right choice, or maybe streaming video is a better fit. Sometimes people make the mistake of producing an expensive video when it may not be the best choice for the job. We have the experience to help you determine if video is not the best vehicle for what you are trying to achieve. And, because we can create Flash animations, streaming video, and PowerPoint presentations, we can combine all three if that is the most effective approach to accomplish your mission.
Presentation Samples
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